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Hi All!!

We are back with Smallville Sunken Ships 2 - Winter Edition!!  The rules will work mostly the same as the last event and will run from Feb 1- March 6.  When we are closer to the date I'll put up full event rules.

So publicize the heck out of this and start thinking up some sweet prompts!

If you want a reminder of the rules from the last event see this post.

Feel free to share this post and the poster below!!

5th-Jan-2016 02:37 am - Sunken Ships contest
ClexCats by Carol (ctbn60)
svsunkenships is planning a winter challenge, starting on February 1. Click here for details.
12 years ago I was the first one to use this song in a Smallville video. I feel that it perfectly captures Clark's journey towards becoming Superman. It gained a ton of acclaim on Kryptonsite.com. Every few years people would ask for new versions updated to follow the course of the show. So now I finally got around to creating one final definitive version. It includes all ten seasons and is in HD!

6th-Dec-2015 01:48 pm - rabid: 20 icons.
minako #01
20 icons of Smallville's Rabid (Season 9, Episode 3).
Round 2; episodes20in20.


here @ exceptionalx
3rd-Dec-2015 06:05 pm - clark kent: 20 icons.
minako #01
20 icons of Smallville's Clark Kent.
Round #06; gents20in20.


here @ bluegreenicons
A tribute I created that focuses on the twisted father/son relationship between Lex/Lionel which shows why Lex eventually becomes the "villain of the story". The song "Numb"by Linkin Park seems like it was made for these two. Available in HD for best viewing experience.

10th-Nov-2015 07:25 pm - Clexmas Holiday Exchange 2015
Clexmas is still going :) We're open for signups for 2015!

14th-Oct-2015 08:33 pm - Smallville Week
Misc: OMG!

KissAndTellConfess will have Smallville Week October 19th-23rd. Submit your Chlark, or other Smallville ship, confessions, or just general Smallville confessions that have nothing to do with shipping, starting now. You can submit as many as you like, there’s no limit on the number one person can confess. So anything you want to confess about feel free. Thoughtful, sexy, fun, romantic, it’s all good. Spread the word to your friends! Even if they don’t have a Tumblr account they can come to the page and submit anonymously.

So come on, my fellow Smallville fans! Let’s celebrate the show!


RulesCollapse )
6th-Oct-2015 09:20 am - Kryptonian Consort (Complete)
Author: phoenixnz
Title: Kryptonian Consort
Fandom: Smallville
Rating: PG to NC17
Pairing: Clois
Genre: AU, Drama, Romance, Episode AU

Summary: Kal-El returns from the matrix and meets the one woman he decides is his Consort.

Notes: This story took me five years and I finally completed it in August, but forgot to post here. The early chapters are on my journal but the story is available in its entirety on AO3.

Warning: This story is looooong. Over 385,000 words and 57 chapters on AO3.

Also note: while I do episodal from season four, everything changes in season five and six.

This is the first of three completed stories I'll be posting.
19th-Jul-2015 05:24 am - Fic: The Hitchhiker (Chlark)
SV: Chlark Pillow Talk
Summary: Chloe Sullivan is on the road, looking for a new life, freedom from her Guardian and his son. When she meets and befriends a friendly hitchhiker she has no idea just how much her life will change for the better.

Tagline: This is what running had led her to: a pristine lake under the moonlight and a hitchhiker's hand down her panties.

Ship: Clark Kent/Chloe Sullivan (Chlark)

Characters: Clark Kent, Chloe Sullivan, Martha Kent

Chapters: One

Word count: 14,271

Read here at FF.Net or here at AO3
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