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Girl Monday

Would You Still Love Me If...

Title: Would you still love me if...
Pairings: Oliver/Lois
Rating: All Ages
Summary: Lois and Oliver on a quiet afternoon...

“Would you still love me if I got fat?”

Oliver Queen looked up from the computer screen and over to Lois, who lounged on the couch. Her feet were up, and he had a really clear view of her round, firm bottom.

“I’d love you, but I’d miss your girlish figure an awful lot.”

Lois grinned. “Would you love me if I had a drastic change in hormones and got all hairy?”

“Fat and hairy?” Oliver said, frowning and wondering where this was coming from. He went over to the couch, figuring Lois wanted some of his time and had resorted to weird questions to get it. He rarely had free time, so surfing the Ray-Ban website could wait. He had plenty of shades already. “I can handle the fat, but not the hair.”

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