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Official LJ Smallville Community
About Sam Loeb 
19th-Feb-2006 01:35 am
The first episode of this season, you might remember, was dedicated to Sam Loeb, the 17-year-old son of Smallville supervising producer and comics writer Jeph Loeb.* Sam passed away last summer after a three-year battle with cancer.

This April, issue #26 of Superman/Batman will hit the stands, featuring his second and final comics work. (The first was an issue of Tales of the Vampires, a Buffy-related comic done by Dark Horse.) Sam wrote the plot and part of the script; after his passing, 26 of his friends (including his father) finished the book.

One of the friends involved is Mark Verheiden, who was a producer on Smallville from 2001-2004 and is now with Battlestar Galactica (and will begin writing the Superman/Batman comic with issue #27).

Click here to read more, including a six-page story by Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale (who've done a number of great books over the years) titled "Sam's Story."

The creators' royalties all go to a scholarship fund set up in Sam's memory, and I thought it was very classy that Marvel Comics allowed several people under exclusive contract to do this work for their Distinguished Competition (DC Comics) -- apparently Sam had friends all over the place, as the article indicates.

Anyway. Passing this along as a story behind the credits, and because the proceeds from this book will be going to a good cause, and it's a chance to read an untold tale of Clark Kent's past...

* Jeph Loeb was still with Smallville at the start of the season, but seems to have left the team, possibly after his son's death. His name's no longer in the credits, but he is now listed as a supervising producer on Lost.
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