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Official LJ Smallville Community

Everything Smallville
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Moderator: syxstring


Welcome to the official livejournal community for the hit television series Smallville, currently airing on The CW.

This is a community for everything Smallville related, therefore we do offer the most comprehensive site, and you won't find yourself needing to go anywhere else! We welcome everything here - from graphics, to stories, to news, images, and even fanfiction! As long as you follow the rules here (please take the time to read below) this can be your one stop destination for everything Smallville!

Looking for something specific? Look in our extensive archive of tags!


Please note: ignoring the rules does not exempt you from them. Please read these rules before posting, and interacting within the community.

General Rules
1.) Stay on topic with your posts. If your post is not connected to Smallville in any way shape or form, it will be rejected.

2.) All posts here are moderated. What does this mean? This means that all of your posts will go through me, or another moderator, before being granted access to the community. This is to prevent spam, and unnecessary posts that seem to be asking for trouble.

Posts that will get through without a problem: fanfiction, art, fanvideos, recs, promotions for related challenges and appreciations, actor updates, and questions about the show or fan related items.

Posts that probably won't get through: Pointless quizzes, and spam, posts asking fans how they could possibly like a certain character or ship, posts including spoilers without using an LJ cut

3.) Don't present your personal opinion as fact, and don't make broad generalizations about other fans. In fact, if you don't have to talk about other fans, then don't do it at all.

4.) Harassment of other members of the community outside the community, even in your own journal, will warrant a banning.

Why would you be banned even if it is in your personal journal? Because you are using this community as a source for your hate, and that is something that I don't want here - If you want to bash on a ship in your own personal journal that is a different story - but if you are bashing on our members, there will be consequences. I want people to feel open and be confident and feel safe enough to post whatever they want here without the fears of backlash from within the community.

5.) Disabling comments, and/or deleting comments or posts is not allowed.

6.) Please put tags on all creative works indicating possible spoilers, rating, and warnings for triggers. Ex. rape, incest, and death. Additionally, be kind to your fellow Smallville fen and warn for fan interpretations that you think might offend. You know how sensitive you are about your favorite characters and fannish things. Extend that respect to others.

7.) All long posts, spoilers, and large pictures should be placed under an lj-cut. Save our layouts and flist, please.

8.) Be proactive. I have two eyes, and there are over 2000 members. PM me if you see a fight starting. If someone is harassing you, before you release the ban-hammer, take screencaps/save evidence, and then let me know what's going on.

9.) Please flock any requests for downloading episodes or songs from the episode.

10.) If you are going to link creative works on your journal to the community, they need to be unlocked. While I understand the desire to protect yourself in your space, it's just aggravating to scroll down a space where one would ostensibly share their work, only to find dozens of posts they don't have access to unless they 'friend' someone they don't know.

If your post is rejected and you don't understand why (though we will try to give specific reason as to why it was rejected), or you have a problem or a question please feel free to Private Message syxstring

Spoilers Policy

Bottom line, no spoilers are allowed outside of a LJ cut!

A) Spoilers for unaired eps are to be placed under an lj-cut. Spoilers that are not under a cut will be rejected.
B) Spoilers for an episode that has already aired in the United States should be placed completely under a cut for a week after the episode airs so that international fans who wish to watch and participate in the fandom will get a chance to watch/download. This includes both text and icons, and if you are going to post icons, keep them completely under the cut for a week afterward and simply describe without spoilers what kind of icons you have. Materials outside of the cut for this period of time will be rejected.
C) Detailed spoilers in reviews, reactions to the episode, or questions regarding the episodes should be kept under a cut for a month after the air date. Simply describe the contents under the cut without spoilers so that fans who have watched the episode can participate.
D) *new* Attention Graphic makers, screencap providers - if you are posting icons, or screencap previews for an episode of Season 9, make sure that your teasers (and/or) previews are spoiler free! This means, characters that some may not know are entering the show should not be in the preview, anything that may give away a plot twist or a pairing, etc, etc should not be in the preview. To generally make it easier on everybody, if you are posting previews or teasers try to make them character specific as apposed to scene/shipping specific.

Community Exclusives!

This community has several "community exclusive" activities that go on within it so that we can have an active and fun environment here, where all users can participate in various activities.

01. Monthly Picspam Challenges
Every month a "challenge" will be assigned, it can be season, a character, a theme (anything really) and through images we will celebrate that theme here. Through images is one of the best ways to remember and celebrate Smallville here on livejournal. ARCHIVE.

02. Weekly Discussion Post
Every week that a new Smallville episode airs, an official episode post will be posted so that fans can come together and discuss the episode as it airs!

The Team & Promotions

Your friendly moderator/maintainer is syxstring. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to PM him or e-mail him at cmspillane@gmail.com.

Additional Moderators
Abbey, place_to_hide
Carol, ctbn60
These lovely ladies will be helping me moderate the community for your convenience.

If you would like to support the community, please add a banner to your userinfo!

Codes and more promo banners HERE!

Affiliation Program

The following communities are affiliated with our community here, so be sure to check them out for more Smallville love!
If you would like to be affiliates please contact Cael (Syxstring) in a private message, with your community name and a short 1-2 sentence description of your community.

01. sv_multishipprs - A safe haven for multi-shippers to show & share their love with other fans without a ship war breaking out! More importantly it is about making new friends within the Smallville fandom. Our Motto: "We ship & let ship!"
02. chlod - Chlod is a Chloe/Zod shipper community, that also welcomes Chloe/Mason (of Dead Like Me) fan work.
03. fanon_fridays - Exhibits art and fiction related to AUs, character studies, what-ifs of the show. Fics and art can also be gen or shipper (het and slash) in nature. Everything in it deviates from Smallville canon.
04. chlollie_ic - A new icon & challenge community for Chloe & Oliver aka Watchtower & Green Arrow. Every month regular Icon Challenges and special Challenges will be made. The challenge entries contain the rules, images and the deadline. All comments there will be screened.

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Want to chat with other members during the show? Go to the Smallville chat room! Everyone is welcome to join in on the discussion!